Healing is a term that is often misunderstood. It implies that if you have been healed then you are cured. This article explores the meaning of healing and dis-ease. Please click on the link to access the article.




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Life and Spiritual Coach, Healer (MNFSH), Trainer and Facilitator, Author - "Is this all there is?", Ebook and Articles, Artist (Landscape and Portraits), Stained Glass Artist, Inventor of processes for recycling waste glass bottles/glass sheets.
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3 Responses to Healing

  1. Adriana Lima says:

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    do you know what takes place when all this we’ve discussed right here grows to critical mass – can not realize that taking very long now – I do hope you peeps are set correctly because I predict you’re probably going to get loads of interest if this does.


  2. defenitly worth reading your blog. keep on with tha wonderful stuff. defenitly have to bookmark that


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