The existence of the Soul part two

After finishing part one I was sent the first book by Michael B Sabom MD “Recollections of Death” Having read it I felt it important that I write part two of my article because his book contained the proof I was referring to in part one.

To read this blog please click on the link:

Proof of existence of the Soul part two



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Life and Spiritual Coach, Healer (MNFSH), Trainer and Facilitator, Author - "Is this all there is?", Ebook and Articles, Artist (Landscape and Portraits), Stained Glass Artist, Inventor of processes for recycling waste glass bottles/glass sheets.
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One Response to The existence of the Soul part two

  1. J.MARSON says:

    hi john just read yr blog part two and was reminded of quote frm Plato / Socrateis as follows: , Plato records the last words of Socrates, who has been condemned to death. Socrates says he doesn’t fear death because one either remains conscious after death, or all consciousness ceases. Socrates argued if consciousness ceases after death, than he had nothing to fear, he was simply going to sleep. If that was the case, he would not suffer from the absence of consciousness, so there was nothing to worry about. If consciousness continued after death, he had nothing to fear either, because he would carry on existing, and he couldn’t be afraid of that either. luv dad


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